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About us


Waldorf in East-Africa is the catchword with which we want to present our project to you. Worldwide humans have sat together to found Waldorf schools. In the last ten years the number of Waldorfschools doubled over thousand worldwide. One of them is the Hekima Waldorf school since 1997 in Tanzania.

The project “Hekima Waldorf School” was founded with the thought of going another way of school education in Tanzania. This teaching method is established worldwide and exists as real alternative to normal teaching methods. This education system earns meaning in the developing country Tanzania, because there are only very few good education possibilities.


“Hekima” is a Kiswahili word meaning wisdom, an ability which should be fostered in the school. This is the wish of the founder who established in 1997 the Waldorfschool in Dar-es-Salaam in the district of Mikocheni. In 2012 the Hekima Waldorf School moved to another place near Goba. The two buildings have space for 8 classes and three Kindergarten classes, the robust building is situated in a wonderful area close to nature full with mango- and palmtrees.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. I sent an email to but it was returned, so I will copy it here:

    I am going to visit Tanzania (for the first time!) to spend Christmas with my brother and his family in Dar and I would love to experience something of your school – Christmas plays/festival etc? My daughter was a pupil at Wynstones Rudolf Steiner School in Gloucestershire at the same time as David Lynne and James McCulaugh and so I am fascinated to read that it was these two who brought the Waldorf impulse to Tanzania. I have had a long connection with Waldorf education, since 1965 when I lived in Botton Village (and taught in the small school for the children of the co-workers for a year) and then the Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools in Aberdeen for two years (where I did the seminar in curative education). I also know Bernard Jarman, who told me only last week about the existence of your school and that his daughter worked there some years ago.

    I am planning to travel from the UK to Dar on 15th December and stay for 3/4 weeks and so I am particularly keen to know your term dates – end of autumn term and start of spring term (I guess you call the terms something different!) as these may affect my travel dates. However, I need to book my flights very soon as I have discovered that the fares for Christmas travel are rising daily!

    I very much look forward to hearing from you. Knowing about your school makes me very happy that I can hopefully meet some ‘kindred spirits’ in Dar!

    With best wishes
    Sarah Peryer

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  2. Sorry I meant to write that I sent an email to asmlay@hotmail.com which was the email address on one of your websites, but it was returned and so I copied it on this page. I hope it reaches you!


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